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Defense Safety Solutions – DSS

  • Defense against the environment and threats
  • Safety of personnel
  • Solutions tailored and fully integrated with advanced unrivaled products and uncompromising technology driven processes

DSS provides unrivaled, customer-tailored protective coatings for demanding Defense, Industrial, Marine, Energy, and Domestic applications anywhere in the world. Its coatings, applications, and lifecycle system solutions serve as the industry gold standard for protecting people, equipment and structures in unpredictable, harsh, and dangerous environments.  DSS applications and lifecycle system solutions radically reduce maintenance, repair, overhaul downtimes, and maintenance costs.

The DSS Advantage

The industry benchmark for advanced protection, customized solutions, rapid high-quality application, lifecycle management, and reducing sustainment costs

DSS Product Lines

Lifecycle solutions specifically designed to meet customer needs

Product Line Applications

DSS solutions provide value across multiple industries

DSS provides military grade coatings for any equipment or structure exposed to unpredictable, harsh, and dangerous environments. With blast mitigating characteristics, DSS products provide unparalleled solutions for the defense industry.

DSS products deliver custom solutions for any industrial situation. Salt water and corrosive chemicals deteriorate valuable assets. DSS coatings protect assets in every environment no matter the severity, making DSS the ideal solution for any industry. DSS products deliver custom solutions for any industrial situation including salt water and corrosive chemicals.

Defense Industry

Commercial Industry

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