Who We Are

DSS North America

The DSS Mission

DSS North America is a leader in advanced protective coatings, fastidiously improving our technology and processes. DSS is dedicated to the highest standards of product performance and committed to satisfying our customer’s most demanding requirements.

ORIGIN AND EVOLUTION: From 2004, deep in the mines of the Australian Kalgoorie Region, DSS protective coatings were born to satisfy the demanding safety and operational requirements – protecting lives and equipment.  Since that time, DSS has expanded to the shipping lanes and docks in the most highly corrosive environments possible, to a wide range of global industrial applications protecting equipment and minimizing downtime, and to the global defense sector with DSS’s military grade MG100 coating designed to provided unrivaled blast protection. We are proud of our impeccable list of clientele including the Australian Department of Defense, international embassies, asset protection corporations, oil and gas corporations and our partners in innovation including the U.S. Department of Defense. With our people, our products, our integrated solutions, and our partners, applications are limited only by imagination.

The DSS Story