DSS Expands to North America

dssna_logoSince the company’s inception in 2004, Defense Safety Solutions Group (DSS Group) has steadily grown into an industry leader in the field of military defense technologies. With an impeccable list of clientele which includes the Australian Department of Defense, international embassies, asset protection corporations and oil & gas corporations – DSS is set to fulfill its vision of becoming the “global leader in defense systems and blast mitigation solutions.” Founder and visionary, James Phelan, formed the company with the core mission to offer forward-thinking solutions beyond the capabilities of contemporary technology. With Phelan’s vision in mind, DSS research & development has provided cutting-edge solutions to industrial and defense problems world wide.

With a tested and proven line of products, DSS Group has expanded its horizons to North America. The US military and industrial markets are in desperate need of a blast mitigating, corrosion, abrasion, and oxidation preventative coating. Group DSS has established DSS North America to meet the specific needs of this market. DSS North America offers environmentally friendly, fast curing and blast resistant solutions tailored to the requests of its clients. With it’s products manufactured in the U.S., DSS North America is here to provide the best polyurea protective coatings on the market. The unparalleled satisfaction of each and every customer who has entrusted us with their projects is testament to the innovative prowess and quality services we offer.

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